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Professional services offered are translation, localization, sworn translation and proofreading. If you have any text in English, German or Portuguese that you want to translate into Spanish and that fits mi fields of expertise, contact me and I will send you a budget.


General Translation

Translation of all kind of general documents about any discipline: letters, statements, articles, books…

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Translating is not only transferring words from one language to another one; it covers the understanding of the meaning, as well as the cultural and idiomatic implications, styling and pragmatic deductions enclosed by the text.

Due to the training and the experience throughout these years, you can be confident about the quality of your text’s translation and be sure that your document will be translated with high standards. Ask for further information clicking here.

Sworn Translation

Translation of all kind of official texts: certificates of birth and marriage, academic titles and documents, agreements…

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A sword translation is an official translation. It is normally the translation of a certificate of marriage, certificate of birth, academic titles, agreements or any other document officially translated to be presented to a public organism.

I am English Sworn Translator authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation since 2012 and I regularly carry out this kind of projects from English or into English.


Translation of Sports Betting and Casino related texts and platforms.

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iGaming is a fairly brand-new term that include the sports betting, eSports betting and casino betting industry.

If you manage one of these businesses, you will know that it is essential that users understand perfectly where are they going to invest their money or in which market are they going to bet today. A good translated iGaming platform or some clear instructions about how to bet on different markets can be the big difference between having a large flow of users that make your business profitable or not having enough users to give profitability to your business.

After having translated different betting platforms and becoming familiar with the jargon used, I guarantee you that you will belong to the first group of entrepreneurs if you decide to hire my language services for this task. Contact me here.

Software, Websites and Apps

Software and Apps Localization and Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation Website Services.

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This is the solution for you whether your business is already on the Net or if you want to extend your SME abroad.

In the age of globalization, markets of goods and services become more and more internationalized enforcing on the need to provide information in a wide range of languages.

You have always heard: «The big fish swallows the small one.» According to this saying, businesses which don’t get suited to the new market needs will obtain less profits and, consequently, will perish.

That’s the reason why having a good international image is not a mirror of a multinational or a big firm anymore, but constitutes the day-to-day experience. So, having a globalized information about your business is essential for the growing of it. Having a website in which it is shown information about your business or having products prepared to the international market is essential for the future of your firm.

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The software localization could become a very tedious and laborious task if the proper techniques are not observed. Besides, as in the Website localization, software localization is not just the translation of contents, but there is a huge background work in which the internationalization and the globalization of the project are essential parts of the translation.

Either if you are thinking of having an international website or opening your business’ or new software’s/App’s frontier to new borders, do not hesitate to contact me here.

Technical texts

Translation of user manuals, patents, formulas…

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Engineering, transport, e-commerce, instructions manuals, equipments, products’ catalogs… I could fill up the page with the different kinds of technical texts that I have translated throughout my career. Do not hesitate that you have found a good professional. Give me the chance to help you out with this text that you want to get translated. I will not disappoint you. Ask me for availability and budget here.


Economic and Scientific texts

Translation of texts about Economy, the Stock Market, investments, agreements medical texts, researches, analyses…

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The world of science and economy can sometimes be a little bit difficult to understand if you don’t know the appropriate knowledge and vocabulary.

Due to my expertise and training throughout years of practice, I guarantee you the best of results.



Proofreading of texts belonging to the above-mentioned fields of expertise.

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It is sometimes difficult for the translator to localize his/her own mistakes, because he/she is influenced by the text that he/she has just translated. That’s the reason why the revision is by itself a discipline apart from translation.

In order to reach a good revision skill, it is essential to have a perfect domain of the language of the text. That’s why the perfection on revision is only possible with a revisor having his/her mother tongue equal to the language of the text and who has been meticulously trained in the typical problems of the said language: prescriptive matters, grammatical, formative matters, etc.


If you have a project that needs my services, I invite you to contact me for further details about rates. Depending on urgency, topic and volume, I would give you a budget that fits your needs. I Will not give you a Price for a translation, but a value for a professional service.


gafasCommunication is the main pillar of my philosophy as translator. I always try to maintain a fluent and efficient communication with my clients in case that any doubt about the project arises or for any other reason involved in the project.

I ALWAYS deliver my projects on time or before the deadline. If for some reason I do not meet the deadline, I will guarantee you a compensation as a discount or similar. Besides, due to my training and expertise, if I accept a project it means that I will be able to handle it with the best quality and professionalism possible.


I do not outsource any project. All projects are made exclusively by me, guaranteeing excellent quality and confidentiality in data, software, documents and any other information received by the customer. I do not share any kind of data with third parties. I have my own and secure computer equipment and Internet connection to assure the highest confidentiality. Privacy is one of the key aspects of this work and I really care about it.


Yo con ordenador

My name is Rubén Méndez Suárez and I guess you would like to know something about me before hiring my translation services.


  • MaspalomasI was born in the Canaries and I live in Gran Canaria. (Yes, Spain, although we could be African for proximity reasons.)
  • My mother tongue is Spanish, I speak English fluently, I have no problems communicating in German, I understand quite well Portuguese and I understand a few things in Hungarian. I ALWAYS and EXCLUSIVELY translate into my mother tongue, since this is the only way to guarantee the best quality in my translations (except for sworn translations, because I am entitled to translate also into English.)
  • I have studied a bachelor in Translation and Interpreting (with an Erasmus exchange in the United Kingdom) and I continue my training every day in the fields that I like the most: Audiovisual translation, software localization and programming.
  • dont wish for it work for it calligraphyI have lived in Spain, Argentina. Austria, United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary, and I have visited Brazil, Ireland, Andorra, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and the Dominican Republic.
  • I have translated countless projects from English, German and Portuguese into Spanish about my fields of expertise, besides some publications about computing.
  • I have also worked as executive, secretary, salesman, German teacher, receptionist, interpreter, Internet assessor and transcriber.
  • man dunking the ballI am a very open and active person, always looking for something new to learn and for new proposals of positive changes to any procedure.
  • I love sports, especially basketball, to which I have devoted most of my life as official, coach or player.



If after this small summary you want to take a look at my cv to know more about my work experience, main projects and other skills, you can send me an e-mail to info@rjmendez.com or ercolegui@gmail.com. I am looking forward to receiving your message!

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