About Me

My name is Rubén Méndez Suárez and I guess you would like to know something about me before hiring my translation services.

I was born in the Canaries and I live in Gran Canaria. (Yes, Spain, although we could be African for proximity reasons.)

My mother tongue is Spanish, I speak English fluently, I have no problems communicating in German, I understand quite well Portuguese and I understand a few things in Hungarian. I ALWAYS and EXCLUSIVELY translate into my mother tongue, since this is the only way to guarantee the best quality in my translations (except for sworn translations, because I am entitled to translate also into English.)

I have studied a bachelor in Translation and Interpreting (with an Erasmus exchange in the United Kingdom) and I continue my training every day in the fields that I like the most: Audiovisual translation, Software localization and Programming.

I have lived in Spain, Argentina. Austria, United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary, and I have visited Brazil, Ireland, Andorra, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and the Dominican Republic.

I have translated countless projects from English, German and Portuguese into Spanish about my fields of expertise, besides some publications about computing.

I have also worked as executive, secretary, salesman, German teacher, receptionist, interpreter, Internet assessor and transcriber.

I am a very open and active person, always looking for something new to learn and for new proposals of positive changes to any procedure.

I love sports, specially basketball, to which I have devoted most of my life as official, coach or player.

After this brief tour through my career, you can have more information about my work experience, main projects and publications, and other skills visiting the section Contact or sending me an e-mail at info@rjmendez.com or ercolegui@gmail.com. I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

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